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Healthcare is the nation's largest industry providing more than 13.5 million jobs for people working in hospitals, medical offices, laboratories, nursing care facilities, pharmacies and in a variety of other settings.


In Baltimore, healthcare is the city's largest employment sector. But, like most urban centers throughout the country, there exists a critical shortage of qualified workers to fill positions such as nursing assistant, nurse extender, surgical technician, respiratory therapist, radiology technician, lab technician and pharmacy technician. The Alliance has worked with area hospitals, government agencies, schools and other healthcare organizations to address the shortage by developing career track guides called career maps that connect residents with career development opportunities and jobs.

Career Pathways


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Using Career Maps

Virtually anyone can benefit from career mapping. Whether you have not yet attained a high school diploma or GED or if you are a college graduate, career maps can provide a pathway to rewarding careers in the health professions. Even if you are already employed and want to advance or move into another healthcare occupation, mapping will give you the basics job duties, rate of pay, education and experience required.


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