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What BACH Does

Launched in 2005 with the goal of helping Baltimore hospitals “grow their own” direct-care workforce, BACH’s allied health career coaching model has evolved into a highly successful effort that boasts programs in six local hospitals and two long-term care facilites, and the advancement of more than 400 front-line and middle-skill workers.

Our web-based tool kit is now being made available to assist any health care provider who seeks a proactive role in developing and sustaining a stable workforce through employee training and support. The self-help resource takes BACH’s coaching methods and puts them into a format that is quick to navigate and easy to adapt to the needs of almost any health care setting.


As our national demand for health services continues to grow, health care leaders are realizing that maintaining a pipeline of qualified workers is the best defense against employee shortages and turnover. In recent years, hospitals and other health care organizations have met the workforce challenge by introducing programs that advance incumbent employees through career ladders and custom-designed, work-based education. The results have been astounding. Further, workers and health care administrators alike point to career coaching as the most important component of their program’s success.