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A Bright Future for Careers in Healthcare

Healthcare is the largest and fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy, providing more than 16 million jobs for people working in hospitals, medical offices, laboratories, nursing care facilities, pharmacies, and a variety of other settings. Baltimore, like many other urban centers, has a critical shortage of qualified healthcare workers. Skilled positions offer good wages and strong opportunities for advancement. To address the shortage, while also addressing area unemployment and underemployment, BACH works to connect individuals with skilled jobs and careers.

Jobs in healthcare are plentiful for people with a high school degree or GED equivalent, and the opportunity for better-paying positions increase with training and educational levels. Some of the positions at each level, with the duties and requirements for each, are shown in this chart. For more information on health and medical jobs, visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Clinical Positions

Patient Transporter
DUTIES: Transports patients, supplies and equipment throughout the hospital.
REQUIREMENTS: In lieu of high school diploma, some organizations will accept a training program from Baltimore City Schools. One year of patient transporter experience preferred. Heart Saver Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training.

Patient Companion
DUTIES: Observes and interacts one-on-one with patients to ensure patients’ safely.

Operating Room (OR) Equipment Technician
DUTIES: Prepares operating rooms for surgery.

Central Sterile Technician
DUTIES: Cleans and decontaminates surgical instruments, procedure trays and patients care equipment.
REQUIREMENTS: Certification required for certain positions.

Lab Assistant
DUTIES: Prepares specimens received for testing.
REQUIREMENTS: One year in a hospital laboratory or reference laboratory preferred.

Histopathology Technician
DUTIES: Prepares tissue samples for microscopic examination by a pathologist.
REQUIREMENTS: Eligibility for IITASCP registry. Five years of clinical experience.

Rehab Technician
DUTIES: Helps physical therapists and their assistants. Assists immobile patients and performs clerical and physical tasks.
REQUIREMENTS: Six months prior experience in a PT/OT clinical setting preferred, CPR.

Emergency Department (ED) Peer Recovery Coach
DUTIES: Provides peer support throughout the hospitalization and post-discharge to patients with alcohol and drug addiction. Helps connect patients to community support and substance treatment services.
REQUIREMENTS: Three years demonstrated personal recovery and sustained abstinence from alcohol and/or drug use. Communication and problem-solving skills.

Community Health Advocate
DUTIES: Identifies and addresses issues that create barriers to care for specific individuals. Provides care, support,v and education in community settings.
REQUIREMENTS: Participation with a community organization, personal knowledge of the target population, cultural competency, knowledge of local resources, system navigation, advocacy and community capacity building skills.

Radiology Assistant
DUTIES: Assists technologists and department with supplies for procedures, patient accompaniment, paperwork, computer entries and Image processing.
REQUIREMENTS: Medical terminology and CPR preferred. One year experience in a medical environment preferred.

Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician
DUTIES: Performs electrograph tracings for the diagnosis of cardiac conditions.
REQUIREMENTS: CPR and three months EKG experience.

Monitor Technician
DUTIES: Evaluates the cardiac rhythm status of adult patients while on telemetry monitoring and reports cardiac rhythm changes and emergencies to both the RN and physician.
REQUIREMENTS: Previous experience with cardiac monitoring preferred, knowledge of medical terminology.

Geriatric Nursing Assistant
DUTIES: Cares for residents’ personal and comfort needs on a Transitional Care Unit
REQUIREMENTS: Maryland Geriatric Nursing Assistant license and CPR.

Nursing Assistant
DUTIES: Provides direct bedside care to patients.
REQUIREMENTS: Maryland Certified Nursing Assistant license and CPR. Six months of experience preferred.

Critical Care Transport Coordinator
DUTIES: Coordinates the transport of patients within the hospital and to other hospitals.
REQUIREMENTS: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) experience and an EMT certification preferred. CPR.

Nurse Extender (Patient Care Tech)
DUTIES: Performs delegated patient care procedures such as blood draws. Observes, reports, and records patients’ conditions.
REQUIREMENTS: Maryland Certified Nursing Assistant license and CPR. One year of acute care experience preferred.

DUTIES: Keeps patients from harming themselves by falling or pulling out their lines.
REQUIREMENTS: Maryland Certified Nursing Assistant license and CPR.

OB Technician
DUTIES: Prepares instrumentation and equipment for labor, delivery, and recovery rooms.
REQUIREMENTS: Maryland Certified Nursing Assistant license and CPR.

Licensed Practical Nurse
DUTIES: Provides general nursing care under the direction of a registered nurse. Ensures
that needs of residents are met.
REQUIREMENTS: LPN graduate, a Maryland LPN license and CPR.

Surgical Technician
DUTIES: Directly supports surgeons and nurses in the operating room by preparing instruments and equipment.
REQUIREMENTS: Surgical tech program completion, certification, CPR, and one year of
experience preferred.

Medical Assistant
DUTIES: Collects and documents patient assessments. Assists providers with exams and procedures. Sleeks exam rooms.
REQUIREMENTS: MA, AAMA, RMA, NCMA, NRCMA or NHA (CCMA) within 90 days of hire. Completion of medical assistant program and CPR preferred. One year of experience in a similar role within a medical office preferred.

DUTIES: Collects blood samples via venipuncture, heel slicks, and linger sticks. Ensures the quality and identification of blood samples.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of an accredited course plus clinical experience or one year of continuous phlebotomy experience, Heart Saver CPR. Phlebotomy certification preferred.

Medical Office Specialist
DUTIES: Performs both administrative and medical assistant duties in a physician’s office. Travels between multiple locations.
REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge of computers and referral process preferred. One year experience in a medical office selling. Completion of a medical assistant program. Certified MA and CPR preferred.

Renal Technician
DUTIES: Under the direct supervision of a registered nurse, provides direct care to patients undergoing dialysis treatments.
REQUIREMENTS: Dialysis technician Certification through the Maryland Board of Nursing, Board of
Nephrology or National Nephrology Organization and CPR.

Pharmacy Technician
DUTIES: Assists the pharmacists in drug receipt, storage, medication preparation, drug distribution, patient billing, order retrieval and delivery.
REQUIREMENTS: Pharmacy technician certification. Registered with the Maryland Board of Pharmacy. Successful completion of IV admixture training within three months of hire.

Dental Assistant
DUTIES: Assists dentist prior, during and after dental procedures.
REQUIREMENTS: Dental radiation technologist license from Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, one year of experience.

Ultrasound Technician
DUTIES: Performs ultrasound procedures. Educates patients and family members.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of an accredited ultrasound program, registration with American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS), CPR. One year experience in sonography preferred.

DUTIES: Performs all echocardiograms and Doppler studies. Assists with all other departmental testing.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of echo courses in M-Mode and 2·D and a Doppler echocardiography course. One year of experience in cardiology testing, CPR. Credentials from the American Registry of Diagnostic Sonography (ARD MS) or Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) preferred.

Anesthesia Technician
DUTIES: Provides direct support for anesthesia providers Including equipment maintenance and stocking anesthesia supplies.
REQUIREMENTS: Annual course on anesthesia equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, CPR. Certification (ASATT) preferred.

Bio Medical Technician
DUTIES: Performs maintenance and repair of electronic clinical equipment.
REQUIREMENTS: Six months of installation, testing, maintenance and repair of instruments, power supplies and electro/ mechanical power transmission devices for clinical equipment or equivalent education. OEM service training or CBET credentials are accepted.

Clinical Nurse
DUTIES: Provides clinical care to patients in a variety of healthcare settings. Assesses, oversees, and documents care. Works with the entire healthcare team.
REQUIREMENTS: RN. Prefer BSN. Maryland AN license and CPR. Certification requirement depends upon department. One year clinical experience.

Clinical Documentation Specialist
DUTIES: Performs clinical documentation chart reviews lo ensure the medical record appropriately describes patients’ severity of Illness and risk of mortality.
REQUIREMENTS: RN with three years of experience in acute care selling. BSN Preferred. Experience with ICD-10 coding and DRG reimbursement.

Case Manager
DUTIES: Assesses, plans, and implements options and services to meet patients’ healthcare needs.
REQUIREMENTS: BSN preferred. Maryland RN license. Three years of experience in a clinical selling.

Respiratory Therapist (Certified or Registered)
DUTIES: Administers respiratory care for all pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients.
REQUIREMENTS: AA or BS. CAT or RAT through the National Board of Respiratory Care. Licensed by Maryland Board and CPR. One year experience preferred.

Registered Vascular Tech
DUTIES: Performs vascular evaluations and educates adult patients with circulatory disorders.
REQUIREMENTS: Registered Vascular Technologist or Registered Vascular Specialist, CPR.

Medical Lab Technician
DUTIES: Performs lab testing and waived tests, quality control and preventive maintenance. Records and reports results.
REQUIREMENTS: AA in medical lab technology. ASCP in MLT preferred. One year of supervised technical experience in a licensed clinical laboratory preferred.

Lab Supervisor
DUTIES: Directly supervises the work activities of assigned laboratory staff.
REQUIREMENTS: Approved phlebotomy certification through the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians or American Society of Clinical Pathology or applicable license. Five years clinical laboratory and two years supervisory experience preferred.

MRI Technician
DUTIES: Performs MRI scans on patients of all ages. Conducts all pre- and post-activities associated with each exam.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of an accredited radiology technician program. Licensed by the Stale of Maryland Board of Physicians. ARRT and CPA. MAI certification preferred. One year experience in MAI.

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA}
DUTIES: Under the supervision of an occupational therapist, provides rehab services which assist patients regain an optimal level of function.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of an accredited COTA program and CPR.

Physical Therapy Assistant
DUTIES: Provides physical therapy to assist patients in regaining gross motor skills, muscular strength, the reduction of pain and improvement in the loss of skin/ tissue integrity.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of a physical therapy assistant program (APTA approved). Maryland PTA license and CPA. Two years of experience in acute care services.

Mental Health Associate
DUTIES: Leads rehabilitation, prevocational and educational groups. Conducts crisis Interventions and accompanying documentation. Provides transportation and serves as transportation monitor.
REQUIREMENTS: AA degree. Six months of related experience. Driving record with no more than two points.

Clinical Dietetic Tech
DUTIES: Works with dieticians and nutrition specialists on low-risk patients. Performs screenings and reviews patient needs.
REQUIREMENTS: AA or BS In nutrition-related field, 6 months experience preferred. Registered as a Dietetic Tech required.

Pharmacy Tech Bedside Delivery
DUTIES: Acts as pharmacy liaison between patients and physicians, social workers, nurses, and pharmacy staff. Prepares prescriptions, coordinates payments and deliveries for bedside delivery program,

REQUIREMENTS: Licensed pharmacy technician with live years retail or ambulatory care pharmacy experience. Prefer AA degree in related field and inpatient pharmacy experience.

Dental Hygienist
DUTIES: Cleans teeth and educates patients in proper oral health hygiene. Assess dentist in procedures.
REQUIREMENTS: Dental Hygiene/Dental Radiation License (Department of Health and Hygiene).

Radiology Technician
DUTIES: Performs general diagnostic imaging including portable radiography and general operating room procedures.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of radiology technology program. Licensed by the Slate of Maryland, ARRT and CPR. One year experience in general diagnostic Imaging.

CT Scan Technologist
DUTIES: Performs CT scans, routine and Invasive on patients of all ages.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of radiology technology program. Licensed by the Slate of Maryland, ARRT and CPR. One year experience in general diagnostic Imaging and CT scanning.

Mammography Technician
DUTIES: Performs mammograms and assists in ultrasound-guided breast procedures. May also perform bone density exams.
REQUIREMENTS: Completion of accredited radiology tech program. Stale of Maryland Registered Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) Registered in Mammography, CPR. One year experience in a mammography.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
DUTIES: Performs all nuclear scans. Prepares and administers radioactive drugs to perform scans.
REQUIREMENTS: Nuclear Medicine AA degree. Nuclear medicine license through the Slate of Maryland Board of Physicians Quality Assurance and CPR.

Non-Clinical Positions

Food Service Assistant
DUTIES: Prepares and portions food for service.
REQUIREMENTS: Some organizations conduct an educational assessment in lieu of a high school diploma or GED. Serve Safe certification recommended.

Environmental Service Technician
DUTIES: Preforms clean Ing procedures throughout the hospital such as polishing, mopping, sweeping and removing trash.
REQUIREMENTS: Some organizations conduct an educational assessment In lieu of a high school diploma or GEO.

Food Hospitality Services Associate
DUTIES: Sets up and delivers prepared food lo visitors, patients and employees.
REQUIREMENTS: Six months general experience. Some organizations conduct an educational assessment In lieu of a high school diploma or GED.

Information Desk Receptionist
DUTIES: Greets visitors. Listens to and responds to customers’ needs with appropriate badge and/or directions.
REQUIREMENTS: Six months experience in an information service capacity. Some organizations conduct an educational assessment in lieu of a high school diploma or GEO.

Distribution Technician
DUTIES: Selects, delivers, distributes supplies to patient units and maintains Inventory levels.

Linen Service Technician
DUTIES: Distributes linen lo floors, collects soiled linen and fills scrub machines.
REQUIREMENTS: One year of service in a professional laundry desired, preferably in healthcare.

Telephone Operator
DUTIES: Handles all incoming and outgoing calls and pages. Monitors alarms and carries out emergency codes and emergency plans.
REQUIREMENTS: Two years of switchboard experience such as call center support and paging. Computer and word processing skills preferred.

Call Center Operator
DUTIES: Answers multi·line phone system. Assists callers and schedules appointments.
REQUIREMENTS: One year experience in a medical office and call center preferred.

Clinical Customer Service Representative
DUTIES: Serves as a central point of contact and communication for patients, families, visitors and members of the healthcare team In patient care units to enhance customer service.
REQUIREMENTS: Minimum six months experience in health care Involving customer service with experience in office and data management

Patient Service Coordinator
DUTIES: Handles all administrative non-clinical aspects of the patient encounter, assisting each and every patient to achieve the Ideal patient experience. Maintains accurate information on each patient.
REQUIREMENTS: Six months experience In similar capacity.

Patient Service Representative
DUTIES: Preforms basic office operations. Obtains the correct patient Information, responds to patients· questions and needs.
REQUIREMENTS: One year of office experience and knowledge of medical terminology. Must be computer literate, possess telephone skills and type 70 wpm.

Mailroom Clerk
DUTIES: Sorts and processes incoming and outgoing mail and delivers mail throughout the hospital.

Patient Service Associate
DUTIES: Performs clerical services and supports department Schedules, answers telephone, manages inventory, medical records and mail.
REQUIREMENTS: Experience in insurance verification and billing is preferred. Some departments may require travel to different physician’s offices.

Registrar (Patient Access Associate)
DUTIES: Registers patients and collects patient payments. Provides excellent customer’s service.
REQUIREMENTS: One year experience preferred.

Billing Support Representative
DUTIES: Scans and bills claims to primary and secondary Insurance carriers.

Health information Associate
DUTIES: Processes and responds to retrieval requests. Searches and indexes records. Scans and files medical records and answers phones.
REQUIREMENTS: Completed course In medical records or work experience in medical records. Years of work experience depends on department.

Health information Clerk
DUTIES: Performs clerical tasks within medical records environment such as record processing, retrieval and faxing transcription.
REQUIREMENTS: Six months data entry experience.

Nutrition Trayline Supervisor
DUTIES: Supervises the work of employees engaged in preparation, delivery, and sanitation of patient food trays. Maintains quality control by testing food for temperature, taste, proper portioning, appearance, etc.
REQUIREMENTS: One year of clinical nutrition/supervisory experience preferred.

Environmental Service Supervisor
DUTIES: Supervises cleaning staff To ensure proper Infection control and compliance with policies and procedures.
REQUIREMENTS: Three years environmental services experience in healthcare setting. One year of supervisory experience.

REQUIREMENTS: Prepares, seasons, and cooks food for patients, employees and visitors. Measures and mixes ingredients according to recipes.
REQUIREMENTS: Serve Safe sanitation certification. Minimum of one year prior cooking experience in a food service operation.

Security Officer
DUTIES: Ensures the safety and security of patients, staff, visitors and guests. Protects company assets.
REQUIREMENTS: One year of security experience.

DUTIES: Performs carpentry, plumbing, electrical and mechanical repairs/ maintenance in a hospital setting.
REQUIREMENTS: Previous experience in a specialty and licensure may be required such as plumbing, electrical or HVAC.

Unit Clerk
DUTIES: Provides administrative support lo a patient care unit to promote patient comfort and satisfaction. Stocks and delivers supplies.
REQUIREMENTS: Six months of experience in a healthcare environmental and a medical terminology certificate preferred.

Medical Administrative Assistant
DUTIES: Performs a variety of administrative and clerical tasks for department.
REQUIREMENTS: Three years related experience.

Administrative Assistant
DUTIES: Performs a variety of administrative tasks such as filling, answering phones and computer input
REQUIREMENTS: Two years clerical experience and knowledge of computer systems. Some positions may require medical terminology.

Administrative Coordinator
DUTIES: Coordinates, overseas and performs a variety of administrative, secretarial, and program support activities. Overseas and participation in projects and events.
REQUIREMENTS: Three years of experience In health care administration, office or customer service.

Staff Assistant
DUTIES: Performs administrative duties which Includes maintaining project data, preparing payroll and personnel forms and answering questions regarding policies and procedures.
REQUIREMENTS: Three years related experience.

Payment Specialist
DUTIES: Posts payments, adjusts transactions 1or electronic payments and performs some clerical duties.
REQUIREMENTS: One year of data entry experience in a hospital system preferred. Two years of experience in accounts receivable in a hospital or physician’s office.

Referral Coordinator
DUTIES: Obtains and processes all referrals, authorizations, and pre-certifications.
REQUIREMENTS: Two years of referral experience in a medical office.

Coding Specialist (Doctor’s Office)
DUTIES: Enters and codes patient services into a computer system. Sorts and files paperwork. Handles insurance claims and performs collections duties.
REQUIREMENTS: AAPC, AHIMA, CPC, CCA or CPA certification. Two years coding experience preferred.

Coding Specialist – Hospital Inpatient
DUTIES: Provides dally Inpatient coding/ APR-DRG assignments lor all discharges. Reads the patient record, abstracts all relevant diagnoses and procedures.

IT Support Technician
DUTIES: Diagnoses computer problems and requests.
REQUIREMENTS: Two years of IT technical support experience In a hospital preferred.

Assistant Manager, Food Services
DUTIES: Oversees the delivery of food in cafeteria and the bedside selling.
REQUIREMENTS: Associate’s degree preferred. Serve Safe certification preferred. Five years related experience.

Assistant Manager, Food Production
DUTIES: Supervises food production and catering services employees.
REQUIREMENTS: AA degree preferred. Two years related experience.

Security Supervisor
DUTIES: Supervises front-line security staff.
REQUIREMENTS: Formal working knowledge equivalent to an AA degree In the security field.

Executive Assistant
DUTIES: In the office of a vice president, performs administrative duties such as drafting, editing, and typing complex reports. Develops and maintains appropriate office protocol.
REQUIREMENTS: Three years of related experience is equivalent to an associate’s degree.

Coder Compliance Auditor
DUTIES: Supervises assigned coding staff and audits work.

Accounts Receivable Specialist
DUTIES: Reviews and prepares hospital claims.
REQUIREMENTS: One year of experience preferred.

Patient Admin. Senior Team Lead
DUTIES: Leads the operations of Registration, Admissions, Staffing and other personnel activities on an assigned shift.
REQUIREMENTS: Certified Patient Accounting Tech (CPAT) or Certified Healthcare Access Associate (CHAA) is preferred.

Manager, Health Information
DUTIES: Manages day-to·day operations. Supervises team leads and supervisors. Develops and implements department policies.
REQUIREMENTS: Previous related supervisory experience preferred.

Supervisor of Health lnformation (HIM)
DUTIES: Supervises day-lo-day HIM records operations including the filing, recording, processing and indexing services.
REQUIREMENTS: Two years of experience in medical records.

Senior Manager, Health lnfonnation Management (HIM) Coding
DUTIES: Manages team leads, DAG Specialists and other department stall related to HIM coding. Interfaces with finance for billing.
REQUIREMENTS: RHIT or RHIA or CCS or CCS·P required. Five years of experience plus two years lead experience.

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