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Meet Wendi, our Workforce Development Specialist!

Here is an insight on our interview with Wendi Massicot as we highlight her and her work for our employee monthly spotlight.

What is your job description? The Workforce Development Specialist aids participants in employment and/or career advancement, ensuring job readiness and assisting employers in establishing job requirements needed for position openings.

What is your favorite thing about working for BACH? It’s hard to pick just one or two of my favorite things about working for BACH. First and foremost, I am passionate about the mission. I feel fortunate to be part of an organization that provides opportunities for eligible Baltimore residents to gain employment and advance within the healthcare field. I enjoy being a part of a supportive environment that helps to enrich the community.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? The most rewarding part of my job is seeing BACH program graduates gain employment within the healthcare industry because of the training they received through the program and the connections to our employer partners. It’s gratifying to see the joy on our participants’ faces knowing that their hard work has paid off!

What would you like the future of BACH to look like? Ideally, I’d like the future of BACH to include more healthcare career tracks and expand our partnerships with various healthcare organizations across the city while still providing quality candidates to employer partners.

Why should people donate to BACH? People should donate to BACH because BACH gives Baltimore City residents the opportunity to be trained in a healthcare career field of their choosing, free of charge, as well as a path to employment upon graduation. For many Baltimore residents, a career in the healthcare field is only possible with help from BACH. We also strive to address workforce shortages and meet the employment needs within the healthcare industry.

Who are some of your favorite partners at BACH? It is hard for me to pick one favorite partner. I enjoy working with all BACH partners as they bring something different to our partnership, yet still work towards the same common goal of employment for our program participants. I am fortunate to connect with all our employer partners and to be able to help them fulfill essential healthcare employment needs.

For over 15 years, BACH continues to address unemployment, underemployment, and healthcare workforce shortages in the Baltimore region by identifying healthcare career pathways and connecting residents with untapped potential, to skilled jobs, leading to economic independence.

On Giving Tuesday this year (November 29), you can help us continue to provide FREE training programs to adults, young adults, and high school students along with free laptops, equipment, and clinical uniforms.

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