BACH Quarterly Newsletter


Message from Our Executive Director

This spring season is all about renewal!

The Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (BACH) is springing forward with some new and exciting changes. BACH was granted $828,000 through the Maryland Congressional Appropriation fund for the BACH Training Institute. This funding will expand the training slots offered by BACH by 160 in the areas of LPN, Surgical Technicians, and Patient Care Technicians, to name a few. Additionally, the institute will provide literacy screening and resource support to all participants. Thank you, Senator Chris Van Hollen and Congressman John Sarbanes, for submitting the request. With your support, we will continue identifying healthcare career pathways and connecting Baltimore residents to skilled jobs, leading to economic independence.

We want to welcome our new board member Anthony A. Meador! Anthony is the Vice President of MedStar Harbor Hospital. He is responsible for ensuring high-quality, continuous operations of the MedStar Harbor Hospital supporting South Baltimore. We are so happy to have Anthony on our executive board. We know his expertise will help us to further our goal of creating pathways to opportunity in the Baltimore area.

I am so excited about the work we are doing on behalf of those interested in a healthcare career.

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BACH Fellows Summer

Internship Program

BACH is proud to announce that we are once again hosting the BACH Fellows Summer Internship Program. This program is a five-week work experience, in partnership with Baltimore’s MOED YouthWorks Program and Baltimore City Schools CTE Program, for the youth interested in a career in healthcare. The youth are assigned to local hospitals and healthcare facilities, which are partners of BACH, where they will explore, observe, and have hands-on experiences in various healthcare careers. Additionally, these youth will have mentoring, training, and development to help support and prepare them for the workforce and address barriers to successful access to such opportunities.

BACH appreciates all the support of our partners in our efforts to provide optimal experiences for the youth of Baltimore. Thus far, we have commitments from the following host partners: the University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Institute, Mercy Hospital, St. Elizabeth Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, MedStar Harbor Hospital, and Keswick.


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Meet Shivani!

2023 BACH Graduate

The Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (BACH) has created pathways to valuable healthcare training and careers within the overgrowing healthcare industry. My apprenticeship experience has empowered me to build professional relationships with healthcare providers and outpatient center clinics. I had the opportunity to speak at a BACH Town Hall meeting, which pushed me out of my comfort zone and improved my public speaking skills. BACH’s mission guided me towards making a difference in people’s lives and positively impacting the healthcare industry. Because of the BACH apprenticeship opportunity, I was a part of the Johns Hopkins medical facility at Greenspring Station General Internal Medicine & Cardiology Department.

In addition to the apprenticeship opportunity, BACH covered the tuition and book expenses for all the apprentices. I am very fortunate to have received support from BACH staff, the administration at Johns Hopkins, and the instructors at CCBC. Their support, experience, and knowledge have allowed me to learn, grow my skills, and quickly adapt to changes within the ever-growing healthcare industry.

I finished the apprenticeship program in December 2022 and I am now working full-time as a certified medical assistant at Johns Hopkins. Although this is just the beginning, I look forward to growing within the healthcare industry and furthering my career goals. Thank you to BACH, Mr. Jermaine, and Ms. Wendi for all you have done!


— Shivani

Important Employer Information

Apprenticeship Reminder to all of our employer partners and employers who may want to take advantage of the Apprenticeship program.

Maryland Code Ann., Tax-General, §10-742 allows for a Tax Credit of up to $3,000 for an eligible apprentice and $1,000 for an eligible youth apprentice. When applying for the Tax Credit Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors and/or participating employers must be aware of mandatory provisions for the approval of any tax credit application.

Applications for approval for a Registered Apprentice must:

  1. Be properly registered with the Maryland Department of Labor’s Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning
  2. Have been employed by the taxpayer for at least 7 months of the tax year

The following will require documentation of the hourly wage rate being paid to the apprentice at the time of the application if the individual (apprentice):

  1. Is in an employee classification; and
  2. Receives an apprenticeship wage that is at least 50% of the prevailing wage.

To determine the prevailing wage rate for your apprentices’ occupation you can follow these steps:

  1. Click this link
  2. Go to “Select a requestor type” and select employer.
  3. Go to “Type of Prevailing Wage” and select the applicable option.
  4. Go to “Select a Jurisdiction” and select the county of your location.
  5. Review the occupation(s) desired and the corresponding wage rate. Ensure your apprentice is receiving wages of at least 50% of that occupation.

NOTE: If your apprentices are NOT in an occupation with a prevailing wage rate you may proceed without further documentation regarding the 50% wage. Examples of occupations and/or industries that will not appear on the prevailing wage screen include HVAC/R, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Accounting and Health Care.

Applications for approval of a Youth Apprentice must:

  • Be properly certified with the Maryland Department of Labor’s Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning.
  1. has been employed by the taxpayer for at least 450 hours in the taxable year.
  • Documentation should be provided with the application showing the youth apprentice having attained 450 paid hours for the Tax Year being applied for.
  • Youth Apprentices with less than 450 hours of paid work may be eligible for the following Tax Year.

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BACH’s First Medical Front Office Cohort

The Cohort started strong, with 10 students from across the city enrolling in our hybrid training in partnership with MOED Train Up and CCBC. All 10 students had a great first day of class on March 21. We’re looking forward to seeing how they grow their skills through the target end date of July 13, 2023, when they’re scheduled to sit for their NHA CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant) exam. In addition to their core training, we have additional activities planned for the students. Four employers signed up to present and meet the candidates at our upcoming monthly participant sessions. We have 10 more slots for MFO planned with Train Up this year, and we are already gearing up recruitment for our next Cohort, to be announced later this spring.

EARN Maryland

BACH continues to be a recipient of funding through the Maryland Department of Labor’s EARN Program. BACH utilizes these funds to connect Maryland residents, focusing on Baltimore City, to training and employment opportunities in frontline jobs. In collaboration with our partners, BACH has identified the continued need for CNA/GNA, Patient Care Tech, and Pharmacy Tech. To date, BACH, through the continued support from our training partners, is proud to report the enrollment of over 90 participants in these training areas, with a 70% completion rate. BACH will continue to support the participants that completed training in their efforts to connect with new employment and promotion opportunities.