Bechak’s Story

Former Apprentice is Going Places

Bechak Deng worked for more than seven years as a social worker in Ethiopia. After being forced to leave his home due to social-political conflict, he and his family immigrated to Baltimore in 2016. With the help of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), his family was resettled, and he found entry-level employment in warehouse and hospitality positions.

The IRC referred Bechak to BACH’s apprenticeship program to assist in advancing his career. BACH’s apprenticeship program was his entry into the healthcare field. Bechak also earned certification as a Registered Central Service Technician while working at the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMC). “Working as a Central Sterile Processing Technician at UMMC has been a great privilege and has opened doors for me,” says Bechak, who recently started a new job at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. Since he entered the healthcare field as a BACH apprentice, Bechak’s salary has increased by more than 30 percent.

The flexibility of Bechak’s work at MedStar will allow him to work at any affiliated hospital across the United States. “I plan to be a traveler one day and work across all states in our country,” he exclaims with excitement.

Bechak continues to excel in both in his career and educational achievement. He is preparing for the TOEFL Exam and the evaluation of his BA certificates from Ethiopia and has applied to the University of Maryland Global Campus Master’s in Applied Economics.

As far as he has come since he left Ethopia, Bechak’s drive to succeed will take him much further.

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