BACH Fellows at Good Samaritan

Going from Point A to Point B to Learn Healthcare

At the heart of the BACH Fellows training at Good Samaritan Hospital lies the Transport Department.

This is the department responsible for moving patients around the building, generally on stretchers or wheelchairs. After a week of orientation, BACH Fellows work in Transport, where they get a hands-on overview of the inner workings of a hospital. Fellows carry a beeper and are on-call to transport patients for tests, physical therapy, and moving from ER to a room. In many ways, Transport is a boot camp for high school students who are considering a career in healthcare.

Transport Department Manager Angela Davis has been mentoring students for more than 10 years. “I love BACH Fellows! I get as many as I can,” she says. She is diligent about making the Fellows’ training more than a summer job. “Starting with onboarding, I treat the Fellows as employees. We expect them to maintain a safe environment for our patients and they do an outstanding job,” Angela says.

BACH Fellows shadow nursing staff to learn about medical treatment and hospital protocol. They also learn skills that are transferrable to any work situation. They must get to work on time and be responsive to ever-changing needs. They develop communication skills by interacting with patients and hospital staff.

“Everyone mentors the Fellows. We want to make it a good experience for them and for the patients,” Angela explains. She enjoys watching the Fellows mature and grow and encourages them throughout college and as they begin their careers. She proudly mentions Brian Dunstan as an example. He started out at Good Sam as a Fellow when he was 16, and now works full time in Transport, while attending college.

“Transporting at Good Samaritan was my first job and has helped me figure out what I want to do with my career,” Brian says. He is currently a Health Science major at Coppin State University. “I hope to become a mental health educator. I want to be able to help those who struggle with mental health and everyday issues,” he adds.

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