When Partnership Works

In the reality of a society that depends on community development and youth empowerment, partnerships play a vital role in shaping the future. We are inundated with stories of collaborations that never meet expectations, but today, BACH is delighted to share a story of success when partnership truly works and makes a real impact on the lives of young people.

BACH and Springboard Community Services have been in partnership for some time. Springboard Community Services and BACH are two organizations with a shared vision for nurturing the potential of our community residents. However, for the first time, we embarked on a journey to specifically serve our Baltimore City youth.

Springboard Community Resources, through their Youth Resource Center, partnered for the 2023 BACH Fellows Summer Internship Program and this shared vision became a reality. From the atmosphere to the resources, as well as the availability of services, the Youth Resource Center has proved to be a great help to the varying needs of the Fellows. Youth were able to have access to food, laundry services, a safe space, case management, activities, and events, and so much more.

Springboard is dedicated to  providing families, children, and older adults in Baltimore and the surrounding counties that encompass Central Maryland with social services focused on prevention, intervention, counseling, and advocacy.

“When Partnership Works” is not just a title for this newsletter article; it’s a testament to the potential of collaboration. The partnership between BACH and Springboard’s YRC has sparked resourceful opportunities for transformation of lives of the young individuals, that we believe will create a brighter future for our community. It serves as a reminder that, with dedication and shared values, the achievement of incredible outcomes is attainable.

Thank you to Ms. Sharon Clements, Youth Resource Center Manager, and all the Springboard staff for your acceptance, collaboration, and heart to serve!