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                                       We have moved, please note our new address and new contact number

                             1101 E 33rd Street, Suite B-309 - Baltimore, MD 21218 - Call us at: 443-931-3076 - Email Us

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We are Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (BACH)

Founded in 2005, the Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to eliminating the critical shortage of qualified healthcare workers in Baltimore by working with local agencies, healthcare institutions and other organizations to create opportunities for residents to pursue careers in health professions.


There are more than 80 partners that support our efforts, including healthcare providers, foundations, educational institutions, federal agencies and many other nonprofit organizations.


BACH is a strong industry partnership with a Board and working committees that are led by very active and engaged industry representatives including all of the major healthcare entities in Baltimore.

Creating a healthier tomorrow by building a stronger workforce today!

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